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Small Biz Relationship

Big Agency Capabilities

Small Media Extra Large is an on-demand resource for fast, frictionless, and responsive services in video production, post, digital content, and creative consulting.

SMXL assembles nimble and efficient teams to help clients in technology, entertainment, and culture execute creative projects.

We treat all people with respect, approach every project as if it were our own, and create a collaborative and fun environment for clients and teams.



Video Production

  • Trusted producers, directors, and crews in cites around the world

  • Mobile content producers for on-site capture, edit, and post

  • Live streaming technicians and crews

  • 360 / VR / AR production


Creative Services 

  • Story consulting and scriptwriting

  • Direction & Creative Direction

  • Graphic and digital design

  • Storyboards

  • Pitch docs, Microsites, and Presentations


Post Production

  • Fast video editors for projects of all sizes

  • Animation, Sound

  • Design, Special Effects

  • Cross-platform video optimization

  • 360 / VR / AR finishing

Team Management

  • Management and coordination of client-chosen teams

  • Talent coordination and deliverables tracking

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