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About Us

SMXL harnesses the work-fast ethos and creative energy of indie film, and brings that to client projects and original content. ​

Partners Stacie Capone and Don Downie are community leaders in independent film and thought leaders in digital content. We each bring 15+ years of experience, and founded SMXL in 2009.

We are a small business by design, and we build tight relationships with our clients and partners. 


We utilize our ties with a wide variety of creators, crew, designers, and postproduction personnel to scale up quickly and build the best team for each project. 

We’re great at coordinating with clients, creatives, crew, and talent: from emerging artists to A-list celebrities.

We’re excited to talk to you about helping you create your next project!

We are a small agency with
an army of 
media professionals
who make an
extra large impact for our clients.

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